Dry times

Looking back on my most recent posts and I seem to start every post with "sorry I've been absent for a while". There are no excuses just many good reasons for this and I'm not going to appologise again. So what's happened in the last six months, or possibly longer, since my last blog? One... Continue Reading →

Cold blooded visitor

My cat found this little guy in the back yard yesterday. He didn't harm it as I think it scared him as much as he scared the baby blue tongue lizard. It was only around four degree at the time and the poor lizard was barely moving. I was afraid it might not make it... Continue Reading →

Small acts of kindness.

A moment of compassion during a visit to a farm of a friend bought a tear to my eye and reminded me there are good people and good deeds done in the world. As I am on a couple of weeks holidays at home he invited me out to his property where photo opportunities abound.... Continue Reading →

February 2014 – good riddance to you too.

Life went on in February including hospital stays, surgical procedures, antibiotics, birthdays and an unrelenting heat that dried up the region. I celebrated a milestone birthday in February even though it was reduced to a low key acknowledgement as I wasn't exactly in a party mood following the events of January. My kids still spoiled... Continue Reading →

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