September and spring sprung while it had a chance.

The mind bobbling pace of 2014 again left me little time for myself and I seem to have existed between three places; work, the supermarket and home where I did a bad job of completing the unpaid work. Flowers began to bloom in the garden and I began practicing close up shots of them as... Continue Reading →

The start of the Australian new financial year, July 2014

The tax man was added to the list of people who I needed to pay attention to at this time of year. Thankfully with my income and no investments he was easy to please. I got my records in order and submitted everything to the accountant in good time this year which is a plus... Continue Reading →

Looking forward

Today is March 15. The 64th day of the year 2014 and I'm struggling to accept so much can happen in such a short time. So far I'm not liking 2014. Maybe the trauma and drama I've experienced so far has weakened my positive resolve or maybe it has all made me tired and intolerant.... Continue Reading →

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