September and spring sprung while it had a chance.

The mind bobbling pace of 2014 again left me little time for myself and I seem to have existed between three places; work, the supermarket and home where I did a bad job of completing the unpaid work. Flowers began to bloom in the garden and I began practicing close up shots of them as... Continue Reading →


It was starting to cool down by April, well a little anyway. Long days at work and little time for myself but I did manage a few photo trips and caught up with some family I hadn't seen in years.

Lest we forget.

Tomorrow is a day of remembrance for Australians and New Zealanders. It is 98 years since our country's first major involvement in WWI, which turned out to be a total disaster for us with major losses on both sides for the battle at Gallipoli Cove. Wikipedia says the battle that ensured the landing on April 25, 2015... Continue Reading →

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