Dry times

Looking back on my most recent posts and I seem to start every post with "sorry I've been absent for a while". There are no excuses just many good reasons for this and I'm not going to appologise again. So what's happened in the last six months, or possibly longer, since my last blog? One... Continue Reading →

Small business – six months on.

It’s been six months since I officially opened the doors to my copywriting business and what have I learned? What is always at the front of my thoughts is most, new business fail in the first 12 months to two years of opening. There is also a frightening statistic doing the rounds regarding an increase... Continue Reading →

Off and running

See this? I see myself in it. No, not the one out in front. It isn’t in my nature to be super competitive and to constantly tell whoever is watching I’m the best. I’m the one in the center with my neck twisted a little so I can keep an eye on the one in... Continue Reading →

Winter chill

She was treading water for the moment, hoping the passing storms of life don’t increase the depth of the private muddy pond where she has found herself.

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