No apology will be offered for my absence

IMG_1834.JPGWordPress is more than happy to remind me it has been eight months since my last post.

To it I say, I know already.

To be honest, the last eight months have been so full they aren’t worth revisiting and I certainly don’t need reminding that I haven’t had time to scratch myself never lone indulge in some on-line blogging. For heavens sake, I turned my desktop on for the first time for months yesterday for no other reason but to entertain myself and I found it all rather boring.

I don’t want to be a new age, technology downer but one thing I have learnt over the past months is there are things far more important than throwing words and pictures out into the great infinity of the world wide web in the hope that someone, anyone, is waiting to see it. There are things closer to home and people whose faces I actually know and love that mean so much more than fishing for attention and approval with a catchy opening line or quirky photograph.

People, look away from your screen for a moment. Is there someone near by you should acknowledge and give the gift of your time to?

Is someone laughing and you have no idea why?

When was the last time you let someone else talk and just listened? You might be surprised what you learn about the people around you if you just take a break from trying to earn acknowledgement from any unknown person who happens upon your on-line presence.

Okay, I know fighting modern technology and all the ways it “connects” us is futile but where and when do we get back to connecting with the ones near and dear to us?

To learn to get messages across without the aid of facial expressions, voice tone, hand gestures and word emphasis (among other human traits that have aided communication since communication began) do we forget how to  listen to someone else? Not just hear but really listen?

I lost more than blogging time in the past eight months. I’ve lost my job and my father who passed away three days before Christmas. But although the first was because of the later I have no regrets as I gained so much by spending valuable time with him, listening while he recounted the days when his body wasn’t frustrating him and letting him down.

The only way for your memories, dreams and wishes to truly live on is to pass them on to someone else. They are so much better when they can be remembered along with the sound of the laugh, the vision of a cheeky smile and the happy, sparkling eyes of the person sharing them. Video could maybe but it still isn’t like being there. It is still only half the experience like watching waves rolling onto a beach but not smelling the salt air and feeling the sand between your toes.

Yes, I haven’t blogged for eight months but things can change so quickly and the moment he left us all was just that, a moment that would have been to easy to miss if we weren’t present in it.




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