The volcano carter I live in

When I was young, I had read books about volcano’s and the story of Pompeii fascinated me while being the scariest horror story I ever heard.

Needless to say; the thought of living near an extinct volcano scared the hell out of me.

However I did and thankfully, all these years later, it hasn’t gurgled never lone rumbled and the truth remains I live on the edge of what a million or more years ago was a volcano.

I had a visual reminder of this fact when I had the opportunity to look at the view of the valley from a small hill just below what locals call the plug of the old volcano, Duri Peak.

The peak itself comes to an obvious point on its northern side and its shear basalt rock face is 2,170ft/662m in height. Not exactly Everest, it only rates at 312th highest in NSW, but it is still high for these parts. It is a landmark, a reference point for aviators and the sheer drop on its north face doesn’t boast a lot of plant growth.

However, it is when you turn your back to it and look from north to west that the extent of the extinct crater can be visualised. The basalt rock, a basic volcanic by-product, is the reason the region I live in is so agriculturally fertile and there were lumps of it lying around on the top of the ridge I took in the view of the valley from. It was just beautiful and not scary at all.

I couldn’t have driven the four wheel drive track to get there but I am lucky I have a friend that could. This is his office after all. I’m jealous even if he is living and working on top of an old volcano.


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    1. It’s been a very long time since it was an active volcano thankfully and you have to know what you are looking for to see any traces of it. It can stay that way too in my book too. Ha ha. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment.

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