Cold blooded visitor

My cat found this little guy in the back yard yesterday. He didn't harm it as I think it scared him as much as he scared the baby blue tongue lizard. It was only around four degree at the time and the poor lizard was barely moving. I was afraid it might not make it... Continue Reading →

The volcano carter I live in

When I was young, I had read books about volcano's and the story of Pompeii fascinated me while being the scariest horror story I ever heard. Needless to say; the thought of living near an extinct volcano scared the hell out of me. However I did and thankfully, all these years later, it hasn't gurgled... Continue Reading →

Small acts of kindness.

A moment of compassion during a visit to a farm of a friend bought a tear to my eye and reminded me there are good people and good deeds done in the world. As I am on a couple of weeks holidays at home he invited me out to his property where photo opportunities abound.... Continue Reading →

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