It was a little dry all round in October 2014.

My dad celebrated his 94th birthday in October. It was a low key affair. I think once you have had as many birthday’s as him you don’t want too much of a fuss but my boys and I still popped up to see him and sing him that all important song.

This was when I found out their world was about to be turned upside down as their landlords planned to give the house a big spruce up. This included a new roof and gutters, the painting of the outside and, where the trouble really started, inside along with new floor coverings. They feel safe in their home of over 60 years and any intrusion on it and their routine is not handled well at their ages so I knew it was going to be a rough ride during the work. The first thing on the agenda however was to make the tradesmen’s jobs easier by temporarily removing most of the treasures they have on display and stored in the house. My mother really doesn’t like anyone touching her things, not even us, so I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. I couldn’t get up there after work but I spent my weekends buying storage boxes and bubble wrap, packing said boxes , toting them to my car and transporting them to my place where I proceeded to play Tetris with them to make them all fit into my shed.

All the while my mother was rediscovering lost treasures and insisting the tradesmen could just move the items as they go while my dad kept telling me to take it to the rubbish dump. With their sense of humour totally dried up their squabbles didn’t make the work easier. The only help I received through the whole process was one of my sons who recognised how exhausted I was with this weekend activity and we ran out of time to clear the place. Apparently the workmen still complained about what they had to move. I exited stage right at this stage; it was all a bit to much to handle with everything else that was going on.

At my place of employment matters declined dramatically. I was now officially a journalist which removed the barrier that prevented me from being part of the editorial team so I was moved from the sales floor to the editorial floor. Believe it or not, it is a much calmer environment to work in however the difference a set of stairs make to communication is unbelievable. While now receiving wonderful instruction and assistance with my writing and work projects an invisible barricade seemed to establish itself between the people I had worked closely with for four years, and I considered my friends, and I. Apparently I changed. That hurt but these same people were also under more stress than usual because of internal upheaval.

In a nutshell, humour had dried up everywhere and October was a dark month with hot tempers as well as outside temperatures.

The positive of the month was the local air show and a friend who also has a camera and wants to learn how to us it. We spent a morning at the airport snapping away and, for me at least, enjoying an escape from the housework, work and personal worries.


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