September and spring sprung while it had a chance.

The mind bobbling pace of 2014 again left me little time for myself and I seem to have existed between three places; work, the supermarket and home where I did a bad job of completing the unpaid work.

Flowers began to bloom in the garden and I began practicing close up shots of them as I could fit that in with trying to keep up with the house chores that were building up. Although I’m allergic to bees I persisted in trying to catch one or two photographically as I saw this as my next challenge. I don’t know if using a long lens, because I didn’t want to get bitten and land in hospital again, and zooming as much as possible is the correct way to photograph insects but I did get a couple of shots I was really happy with.

I even optimistically planted some new plants in September. I potted some colourful flowers and some veggies up rather than plant them in the garden as the continuing lack of rain meant it would not be long before water restrictions would be put in place. Lugging buckets full of water around the yard isn’t my idea of fun so my new plantings were positioned in my back shaded area to enable easy watering.

September was a month of all things new however, not just in the garden. The place I seem to have spent the most time, work, was becoming more and more unpleasant to attend.

Uncertainty is a horrible state for a mind to be in and when a collective group of minds are placed in that condition it seems to lead to a very volatile environment that brings out the worse in people. I saw some very surprising sides of people I thought I knew during September, a lot of these sides I didn’t like and it upset me greatly. But work had to be completed, the job had to be done and the next deadline had to met and was as far as I could see. It seemed safer to be that way.

I could go on and on about this but the purpose of these posts is to highlight the good things in 2014. I justify mentioning it however so you can understand the positive moment in September. You see I picked up my efforts to find other employment during this time because of this mentally unhealthy environment and the ongoing uncertainty of the media industry. It is simple, I can’t not have work when the inevitable axe falls on my current position.

My efforts were in vein however, I got knock back after knock back, and I felt myself slipping into the same state of mind that was changing personalities around me. However the industry uncertainty finally saw me achieve a goal I set 10 years ago.

You see the HR department notified me that I was to be employed as a journalist. While putting all their ducks in a row for the coming rounds of retrenchments to meet the restructure of the company a review was finally conducted of my duties. Word from an insider involved in the process was that neither of my local managers wanted to comment on what I do as it would have disrupted their precarious wages budgets so, with a job description I put together myself as my position was classified unique to the company, the HR department made the call. I was to continue business as usual and the change would take effect from October 1. Much to the relief to the editorial department this meant no wage rise for me, I was always paid out of their budget under a clerical award anyway, and they matched my current wage to a grade one even though I’ve been doing this job for four years and stories and editorial for a total of about eight. I’m not bitter however as I can finally say I’m a journalist.

A September sunset. Symbolic to the dawn of a new stage of my career.
A September sunset. Symbolic to the dawn of a new stage of my career.

When it comes to highlights however my parents and I met my great niece for the first time, we also celebrated Fathers Day and I got to take some photos of my beautiful region while teaching my son to drive. Okay, that sounds wrong and distracting for the learner driver but let’s move on to some photos.


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