The start of the Australian new financial year, July 2014

The tax man was added to the list of people who I needed to pay attention to at this time of year. Thankfully with my income and no investments he was easy to please. I got my records in order and submitted everything to the accountant in good time this year which is a plus... Continue Reading →

Half way through and it was all work, work and more work. June 2014.

My work life was intense during 2014 to say the least. As the pressure increased on the sales representative to make budgets they stepped up to meet the challenges set for them. For me this meant going along for the ride and trying to do my best for each and every one of them. At... Continue Reading →

May 2014

Looking at the moments I captured in 2014 I can't help but think just how time poor I was as there are so few. My taking the camera for a drive/walk was lest frequent by the look of my files but I still continued to play with it when and where I could. The Australian... Continue Reading →


It was starting to cool down by April, well a little anyway. Long days at work and little time for myself but I did manage a few photo trips and caught up with some family I hadn't seen in years.

March – You weren’t so bad.

To me taking photos is an exercise in refocusing my view of all the things around me. While the big picture can be confusing or overwhelming I can narrow in on the important things that make it all worth while. Continuing my review of 2014. March was an improvement on the first two months of the year... Continue Reading →

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