Treasure hunting.

Hello. Long time no post, well at least on my Just Saying site anyway.

I’ve posted quickly on my photo site, A thousand words, but quick gets quick and although many click the “like” button a very small few take the time to actually look at the complete post choosing the “like” star on something that catches their eye and not going any further. Don’t get me wrong, a like acknowledgement is wonderful and greatly appreciated but sometimes a glance deprives the reader of the whole picture.  Photography is like that however, an easy read so I don’t have to explain the meaning behind my photo blog site name do I?

So other than the fact I’ve got a good number of likes and little to no site views there I think the first photo here could be more appreciated by my Just Saying audience.

I don’t often keep photos I’ve taken while on work jobs but I was tasked to complete two promotional pages for a local auction house yesterday and, as is usually the case, found myself snapping away for additional feature photos that also double as product reminders while I’m writing – a trick I use when time is limited and clients are especially busy.

I have never been one to attend auctions never lone frequent the storehouse  the items are held in prior to sale day so this was a wonderful step into the unknown for me. It is both lucky and unlucky that I don’t have any disposable income to go shopping with on their sale day because there are a few items that somehow know my name and are calling to me to take them home.  Especially this treasure I found myself stepping over to get a better shot of other items.

A web search tells me Royal Typewriters were introduced to Australia in 1911 by Sydney Pincombe, however news reports of 1948 mention that Sydney Pincombe had lost the Royal Typewriter agency sometime before 1947. This one needs some love and oh how I wish I could be the one to restore it.

A classic that needs some loving.
A classic that needs some loving.


The room/s were full of interesting items and their images will be used by my employer but here a couple my boss doesn’t get.

One of the more steady custom made sowing cupboards I've seen.
One of the more steady custom made sewing cupboards I’ve seen.



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