All hail the mighty dollar.


After much speculation, things have become real for my colleges and I and for what it’s worth I believe reality and stupidity are marching hand in hand down the road in pursuit of money.

I’ve been absent from posting recently as I’ve had a distressing couple of weeks, personally and in my work life so forgive me if the sadness and stress of those weeks has now turned to anger.

What angers me is the blatant acknowledgement that decisions that turn lives upside down and inside out are based on cost and that money can be saved by withdrawing services from regional areas and eventually the entire country. Result, job losses all round as positions requiring skilled workers are given to whoever puts forward the lowest bid.

I’m angry because this devalues individuals, their work and the future of the regions affected by the cuts.

I’m angry as friends, that I spend so much time with each week I consider my second family, are left hanging with their future in doubt.

I’m angry as the industry that has stood up for so many has no one to stand up for it.

I’m angry and distressed as I don’t know what my future holds any more.

All hail the might dollar.

Can anyone tell me of a newspaper that hasn’t had a major impact on its community by raising awareness of local issues that could otherwise been brushed under the carpet or put in some higher powers too hard basket?

Bad news stories might sell a lot of papers but recording events, marking achievements, celebrating a success, advising the community of a loss and announcing family milestones are a few of the reasons why its purchased each and every day.

When it comes to recording the history of a community, newspapers have long been entrusted with the task. Even Julia Roberts’ character in the movie Notting Hill was distressed when the press published nude images of her. Her line went something along the lines of “newspapers are forever. Once it’s published it can’t be taken back. It’s always there.”  If I have that wrong I’m sorry, as far as I know the movie script wasn’t published and therefore was said and gone as the scene quickly flipped past on the movie screen.

A point from the announcement that sticks in my craw is the comment about how we, the team I am part of, is doing well. Of cause we are doing well we are still providing the right product to our local market.

Ah, but there isn’t as much money in regional areas. Of cause not, all the large businesses are pulling direct services out of the area and locating them in metro areas, oops there goes our young people so they can have a job future.

Regional papers have repeatedly covered businesses who have suffered the same fate, and managed to raise an outcry and community support.

But who is going to support newspapers?

Does anyone want to make a fuss over them?

Will the regional public miss local service when it is gone?

I’m not foolish enough to believe that the future of print media is bright and rosy but I for one am distressed watching its slow, silent demise.



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      1. I find your blog very hard to get around in. I have to search for the “like” buttons and sometimes I don’t have anywhere to comment. Guess I’ll figure it out it’s just different to mine.

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