The heat and the flames – an update.

Hello all. Another quick post for those who are interested in the heatwave and fires here in my corner of the world.

It’s hot … that is all.

No just kidding.

I actually got off easy today here in the New England area of NSW. We had a forecast top of 40 deg but it only reached 39.6 around 4.35 this afternoon. Ha… no sweat… if you are in air conditioning anyway. This isn’t an unusual temperature for my part of the world at this time of the year however the problem has been most of the state hasn’t had a reprieve from the heat for days . The run of consecutive days with high temperatures is causing problems, not the actual temperatures if you can understand that. It has been cooling down at night, the low 20’s or slightly lower here however if you haven’t already heard Sydney recorded 42 degrees yesterday and it was still in the mid 30’s at midnight last night when a cool change slowly moved through. Today the city has enjoyed a 15 degree drop in temperature I believe.

But where I live, so far we haven’t had these extremes but then again they (the meteorologists) have us pegged to feel the heat this weekend with 41 and 42 temps. I’ll wait and see.

For those of you who are interested I’ve found a couple of sites with some extra information you might like to know. The first is a snippet from this morning’s Sydney Sunrise show which explains how most of our state can be on fire at one time and how the Rural Fire Service is tracking the blazes

Here you will find the current reported fire incidences in NSW .

And finally an interesting article, again from the Sydney Morning Herald, that discusses the record temperatures being experience across Australia. The town of Meekatharra in WA recorded a whopping 47.1 degrees on Tuesday which smashed its record set in 1944.  The name of the town is believed to mean place of little water… I wonder why? 🙂

Read more:

I will leave you for this post with a photo I took of our sunset… It’s hard to capture heat in an image that doesn’t have flames so the blue sky and blazing sun was the best I could do.

January sunset (c) Jillian Carlon 2013


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    1. Iceland? Umm no 🙂 I would love to see snow but I feel I would lock up and be incapable of movement because of the cold. I complaint when temperature drops below 10degs. I don’t do cold at all. Heat has subsided now and bushfire danger while always present is not as critical as it was in January. Thank you for visiting

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