Off the charts

Just a quick post. As you all might be aware Australia is in the grip of a major heat wave at the moment.

I just had to share this link to the Sydney Morning Herald web site story that is a bit distressing as the Australian Bureau of meteorology have had to change its imagery to accommodate the expected temperatures over the coming week. Previous charts only allowed for temperatures up to 50 degrees and this isn’t enough with the current weather conditions. Thankfully where I live isn’t in the new purple and pink areas and so far the closest bush fires are over 100 kilometres away. I hope it stays that way.

This is an image of the fires around NSW as at 4pm today as issued by the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Fire status in NSW Australia at appox 4pm Tuesday January 8, 2013. Image: NSW Rural Fire Service.
Fire status in NSW Australia at appox 4pm Tuesday January 8, 2013. Image: NSW Rural Fire Service.

Put it this way; saying it’s hot, hot, hot is a bit of an understatement at the moment. I’ll try to post more later if you are interested.




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      1. I found it confusing trying to get around. I didn’t see the photo blog thingy 🙂 I will have a look though. Your site is arranged differently to mine.

      2. Fairview just rang me. They want me to sing the Anthem and some other songs for their ANZAC day celebrations at the home for the ones who can’t make it to the town one. They want me to take my bush poetry as well. I’m to read “National Pride” and what ever else I want for them. I hope my voce is back by that time I haven’t had one for at least two weeks with this rotten head cold.

    1. So far so good up here in NSW New England region. Were forecast low 40 today but it’s after noon and were steady at 33. So far we haven’t got the temps like Sydney has but weekend could be different story. Dry storms biggest worry at moment however. Enjoy your cool break.

  1. The Bureau is currently recording the hottest temperatures on record at some places in South Australia, NT, Victoria and the southern areas of NSW. However I think it is currently breaking records everywhere. Where I live in Tamworth the real hot weather hasn’t hit yet, it’s forecast for tomorrow and over the weekend. It now 6.15pm (daylight saving time) and the temperature is 35.5deg and still rising. We reached 37 yesterday around 7pm so we could still be in for a cooler day after all. lol.

  2. I’m interested. I’ve always said that Spain (or at least where we live) is hotter than Aus. It was never that hot when I was there, although I should go back and re-read the SMH to see if it was! Our summers are high 30s but we have had 40s as well. But 50?!!!!!!!

    The hottest few days I remember were when some wind came over from Africa and it was incredibly hot, but because there was air, it was actually quite nice. A was in the UK at the time so totally missed it 😀

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