Bots don’t spam me. I am not a boy named Sue thank you.

What is it with Internet spam and where do the evil, no life, too much time on their hands, beasties get their information from?

When I was little I remember my mother’s outrage if she received a chain letter in the “real” mail. Thank heavens she doesn’t have to deal with trash that is thrown at us in our “advanced technological” world.

Spam emails, popup advertising and all those other nasties of the virtual world are a fact of life now but please, if its so darn clever that it thinks it can get a sale, personal information or what ever else it is after, it could at least get its facts right.

At least with the old fashion, hard copy, chain letters that were delivered to real mailboxes you knew someone had taken a lot of time to copy, photocopy or type the words on the page and that they had to make a trip to a post office, buy a stamp and then post the letter.

There was actually a lot of effort put into annoying someone but these days I believe programs, called bots, do it with no effort from the irritating gremlins who set them to work.

What encourages someone to create a “bot” to send random emails to people in the first place?

Is it marketing gone mad or just malicious deviates with nothing better to do?

Recently the organisation I work for changed its email platform. As a result this meant a slight adjustment to everyone’s email address.

After a great deal of security checks, password adjustment and general fiddling around the first message I received on my new email account was offering me a great deal on Viagra. What the?

It was a bit mind boggling how fast it did it. The bot, deviate or gremlin that sent me this wonderful, never to be repeated offer, got my new email address so quickly that the new system didn’t even have time to do the automatic forward of emails being sent to my old email address?

Okay, ha ha, that’s funny, mark it as spam and assume I will never see the sender again.

In the spirit of fun the joke around the office was that maybe others had heard my personal life was in need of a lift but for goodness sake, what male would have a name like Jillian? Okay, there is that song about a boy named Sue but Jillian?

The spam filter does work as the offers for Viagra, yes a few different senders are offering me a good price now, all go straight to the spam folder but the list of blocked senders is growing.

I currently have offers from desperate Russian women looking for charming, single, family orientated men to build a “relationship” with.

Again I say I am not the boy named Sue. Go away. If I knew any of these types of males I would not offering them up to public auction or an Internet relationship.

The only positive I can draw from this spam harassment is that these bot things are dumber than what they think I am.

I’m also starting to think that Viagra works really, really well. Maybe the Russian ladies are privy to who the Viagra offers are sent to and they think the result of its power will span continents.


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