Is the sky really falling?

It's just a storm - or is it?
It’s just a storm – or is it?

So, we’ve only got a couple of weeks before the end of the world?

Even though I live in the back blocks of Australia and usually miss all the really exciting stuff I’ve already purchased a supply of batteries for the camera so I can get some good shots while that little event takes place. I’m thinking if the Mayans are correct not even regional NSW should miss that one. Given, even if I manage to capture the good side of one of the riders of the apocalypse I possibly won’t get a chance to upload it to my computer never lone my blog but…?

If you haven’t guessed I’m not that concerned about the Mayan calendar not going any further than December 21 2012. Why should I be? If it happens, it happens and there is nothing I can do to stop it. But wow it promises to be epic.

Really folks, the end of a calendar is no reason to turn into Chicken Little is it? I mean I have to buy a new one every year and I don’t go running around screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” until I find the right one.

So what, after working out the phases of the moon and whatever else it takes to work out how long a month is the Mayan’s possibly got a bit bored of doing it after 2012 years. Hell, I’d be thinking to myself “well if they can’t work it out for themselves now civilisation has collapsed or they are really dumb in the future”.

I can picture a naughty Mayan child sitting back in class and saying something along the lines of:

“Miss, can I go now? I’ve written it more than 2000 times. Twelve more times and I want to get back to doing the patterns of the blocks for the pyramids please.

“The pyramids will last longer than any of this month and day thing, please, please, please.”

Teacher: “Do you promise to not make any more faces with their tongues poking out?”

Naughty Child: “I promise. I’ve learnt my lesson. I’ve written it so many times I’ve even made a rhythm that people can say so they can remember how many days is in each month!”

“Thirty days have September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 except February….

Teacher:”Okay, enough. You can go but no more carving of rude faces on the blocks or you will be back in here to do the next 2000 years.”

Well that’s the image I have anyway.

I will stand corrected of cause but who is going to be around to scorn me if I’m wrong? Hmmm?

If it all comes down I’m going out with a bang, well technically we all will be but that is despite the fact. Music has always been a big part of my life I’m stuck on the soundtrack for the last moments. As much as I have always detested the song, that horrible “Don’t worry, be happy” from the eighties could be appropriate but there are two other strong competitors that could be blasting out of my CD player at the end.

One, to put me all in a mellow frame of mind would be Hot Chocolates “Heaven’s in the back seat of my Cadillac” which is a nice thought but I don’t actually know anyone with a Caddie. The other is my fighting song, Highway to Hell by AC/DC. If it’s good enough for Sam and Dean Winchester (of the Supernatural series) it’s more than excellent for me.

Okay, I’m now off to set up the Christmas tree, we might appreciate it four days after the Mayan calendar runs out. You never know.


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