Humanity takes nature’s wrath

My thoughts are with those who have just experienced the largest storm ever recorded. Hurricane Sandy.

I can not even begin to image what it was like but I hope to express the horror I felt while I watched helplessly here in Australia. I know that is no assistance what so ever to those people affected but to those people, please stay safe and your fight, loss and struggle is felt around the globe.


I sit back and watch in horror

As humanity takes nature’s wrath

Safe in my position

Feeling helpless, afraid and lost

As people I will never meet

And places I’ll never see

Are changed from what they were

At the mercy of the sea.


The sanctuary of home is shattered

Some to be drift wood on foreign shores

While others burn in relentless rain

Homes they are no more.


Lives are changed forever while others lose the fight

All the while the world watches

Dumbstruck by the sight

Real time HD images flash upon the screen

Status updates come thick and fast

As those there say what is on their mind.

How long can this punishment last.




5 thoughts on “Humanity takes nature’s wrath

Add yours

      1. Sorry I didn’t reply. Nothing major, just sometimes, a build-up of crap (literally last month) leaves you feeling not as in control as you would like. It’s ok, not brill not bad. Sometimes ok is good enough.

      2. Okay is a good starting point for much better. I hope things improve for you. I know the out of control feeling, note I haven’t been writing so much. I’ve found myself doing as Dory the fish from the Disney film instructed, “keep swimming, keep swimming”, given it is a bit weird taking advise from a blue cartoon fish but … it’s helped. If you haven’t seen the Finding Nemo movie this will be totally lost on you. lol. Sorry.

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