Sick :-(

I really don’t like feeling sick, I have no time for it.
My brain feels like it is going to implode, after its finished trying to leak out my noise.

The body is aching and wants me to stop. The kids are hungry and want food from the shops.

Work to do.

Money to earn.

If I don’t do it no one else will.

Tablets just dry me out like a prune. I can’t drink enough water and I’m having to many restroom stops.

Have one at night and it keeps me awake. One during the day and sleep is all I crave.
I don’t even have a voice to complain.

Sick and I hate it.

Sorry, Just needed to grizzle.


8 thoughts on “Sick :-(

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    1. I hope you are feeling better soon. I’m slowly improving and as it is a long weekend here in Australia I’m planning on doing a lot of “rest and recovery”. (translation: Nothing at all 🙂 )

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