Great idea recording devices. Laptops versus tablets.

I have fallen victim of this awful tease more times than I care to try to count and as I touched on the subject of having great ideas at inconvenient times last week it just seemed right to share this photo I found on Facebook during the week. (full photo credit to the site I found it on)

My inner I Want Monster has been getting very loud lately in its insistence that I need a writing device that is portable to counter these moments. Although the bank balance doesn’t agree with the beast I have been teasing myself looking through catalogues at laptops and tablets. I’m coming to the conclusion tablets are wonderful but for the purpose of writing they are possibly not the best choice. I am open to comment on that point however. Their cheaper price range is very tempting compared to the laptops I’ve been looking at.

Okay, like the floating brain is indicating, I might be dreaming but it’s good to have dreams isn’t it?

Please let me know your thoughts on my tablet versus laptop argument. I would appreciate some informed input if possible.


5 thoughts on “Great idea recording devices. Laptops versus tablets.

Add yours

  1. Aaaah, Laptop – like you really needed to be told. You know you are only trying to placate yourself with the tablet because it’s cheaper. BUT, you want the Laptop ! You do, I know you do. The tablet won’t have the bells and whistles that you want either. (having said that you’d better post me your credit cards and stay away from Harvey Norman) Yes, I accept you probably hate me now. It’s a burden I shall have to bear. xx lol 🙂

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