Pint sized courage and determination.

I’ve got a lot to make mention of this week but I think it is best to talk about one at a time.

You have to remind me to tell you about the two elastic things that have brought me a whole world of pain as well as blessed relief; and get you mind out of the gutter it isn’t dirty or R rated.

I have worked out this week that writing ideas seem to pop into my mind when I’m doing mundane things, like washing up the dishes or mowing the lawn. Activities that don’t require a lot of thought process and you never have a note pad or computer near you to write them down, if you know what I mean.

Although quite a few ideas have flipped in and out of my head this week I have found inspiration with the Word Press Weekly Photo challenge. This week the theme is everyday life so I’ve been out and about looking for something that might work and got totally distracted with this little warrior who is nesting in my back yard.

Little warrior – I shall call him David, The Willy Wagtail.


He is what is commonly called a Willy Wagtail and he is fearless. I’ve been watching him while doing an outside clean up as he and his mate have built a nest high up in the camphor laurel tree in my back yard. This tiny little bird has been taking on all comers and his dogged determination to keep other birds away is, well, tiring. He won’t give up and he won’t give in until invaders step back over the line he sees as a safe distance from his nest.  I’m sure it is the same pair that tried to nest in the same tree last year and sadly a butcher bird won the final battle, ate their eggs and then sent the little nest tumbling to the ground. Sadly I found two smashed eggs on the ground yesterday but this Arnold Schwarzenegger of the bird world must still have some left to protect as he was taking on magpies this morning.  Mind you they weren’t actually going anywhere near the willy’s nest, they were after tasty grubs in the lawn but that didn’t matter to my little feathered friend. There was danger and he isn’t taking any chances. I had a vision of biblical stories, he is David and look out big fella.

The magpie has been chased into another tree. If you look closely behind the branch the bigger bird is sitting on you will see “David”giving it a bad time.


This is everyday life to this warrior of the bird world and although I couldn’t quite catch a decent attack moment on my camera I just wanted to pay tribute to David the Willy Wagtail.


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