Liebster Award

Dear Liebling Autor!

I am terribly honored, and most thankful to thescribblerarchive     for nominating me for the Liebster Award! I am very gracious!

What is the Liebster Award?

An award given to someone with less than 200 followers who is an upcoming star.

What do Liebsters have to do?

Well, first I have to post 11 things about myself.
Then I have to answer the 11 questions made by the tagger.
Next, I have to tag 11 People.  Last, I have to ask 11 questions of the bloggers I tagged.

If I nominate you, you can pretty much follow the format of this post as a guideline.

My 11 answers…

  1. Favorite book? Hard question. There are so many. Frank Herber’s original Dune would have to rank somewhere near the top.
  2. Whats the best place that you have visited? Again, so many.
  3. Favourite song? This is where I show my age – I want to be Free, The Monkees is my all time favourite but at the moment I would go with Nickleback, If Today was your last day.
  4. Your most annoying habit? (according to your friends, family, etc.) Stubborn
  5. Your best trait? (according to yourself) Stubborn
  6. Any pet peeves? People who are negative
  7. Do you remind yourself of any book character? No I don’t but then again I haven’t really thought about it before.
  8. What popular book do you hate the most? I think it would be sparkly vampire books that teenagers so like.
  9. Which do you have more often sugar rushes or caffeine crashes? Caffeine definitely, if I get to much blood in my caffeine system it isn’t pretty. 🙂
  10. What’s you favorite color and what do you think this says about you? Red, what it says about me however is lost on me. I have always liked it.
  11. Do you find a song you like and listen to it a million times? Depends on my mood but yes, I’m definitely prone to playing songs over and over and over.
  12. I find a lot of inspiration in music when writing, do you? Music is always in my life, these days with teenage children I don’t have to choose the song that plays, I go with the flow with what they are currently listening to. Lucky I have influenced their tastes and enjoy 99.9% of what they listen to.

My 11 nominees will be in a following post!


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