Winter and onion layered starfish.

Here in my little patch of the world we are on the home straight heading towards spring, I hope anyway. I have previously mentioned my dislike for winter and am a firm believer that when it comes to temperatures that have a minus in front of them that number is less than zero and therefore not a number at all. Give me a break, I’m an inland Aussie and more use to hot, dry weather.

I don’t think I would survive if I happen to be somewhere that regularly had ice and snow without the use of machines to make them. Let’s face it, in my part of the world ice is small little cubes used in drinks and the closest I get to snow is snow cones on a hot day.

We’ve had a couple of mornings last week that the official *non* temperature was minus four and driving to work on these morning I realised I’m not alone in my dislike and unpreparedness for cold weather. I’m not the only one who has absolutely no winter fashion sense as coordinating and matching pieces of cloths seems to go out the window as we just add layer after layer in an effort to stop freezing to the spot. I’ve watch the international news and I’ve seen movies in snowy locations and the people there don’t look like Sponge Bob Squarépants mate Patrick, unable to flex or straighten limbs because of the amount of clothing they are wearing. After seeing some of the early morning outfits around my town I starting to think there is a Patrick the Starfish invasion happening.

Honestly, I’ve had so many reminders of the movie “Cool Runnings” I’m feeling obliged to sit down and watch it again. I image something similar to the  classic scene were the Jamaican team are leaving the airport on their arrival for the games has been played out over and over in households all around me as friends and neighbours open their front door, feel the cold, turn around and grab something  else to layer on. *I have a vision of onion layers for some reason*.

Yeap,  fashion has left the room and humorously  practical dressing has stormed the region with Patrick the Starfish results. Unlike the Jamaican bobsleigh team we aren’t looking to winning a medal or world recognition, we just want to make it to the winter finishing line with a little bit of dignity and no frostbite .

I hope whoever is in charge of the weather thermostat is having a good laugh because the forecast for the rest of this week isn’t looking good. Lots of *non* temperatures and snow on the highlands down to 700 metres. I won’t see it but I will definitely feel the chill off it. It’s not fair, if I’m going to be cold, and look like and onion layered starfish,  I would like to see the pretty white stuff too, at least once in my life.

Being cold and looking at a heavy frost isn’t the same as seeing snow. I think.

3 thoughts on “Winter and onion layered starfish.

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  1. He he suck it in sister. Well at least you have a decent heater…I’m about to trade mine for a candle. This is the coldest winter that we’ve had since we were kids I think. I have lost count of the frosts, and as you know we seldom get them here. You know its got to be cold inside when the dog prefers to be on the front veranda in the sun rather than with you.

  2. I get the best of both worlds. See the snow on the mountaintops and enjoy the sun on my terrace. It’s said that in Spain that in Andalucía you can go skiing in the morning and swimming – in the sea – in the afternoon.

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