Keeping the faith…sorry for the outburst.

Look forward and remember the big picture.

After last week’s post I have tried hard to think of something on a personal “sunshiny” level to offer this week however this has been difficult as I’ve faced my own writing demons in search of justifying my trade. Forgive me for having a low, I believe that is part of being human as life can be difficult at time but life’s ups and downs are what lets us know we are living after all.

So where have I gone since the crossroad that was last week? Well I don’t really know because I’m still on the journey but the direction I choose is forward, even if it feels like a bit of a mountain hike at the moment. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to the view from the top. What I have decided to do was to look at what I’ve achieved and believe I can do it again, and more.

Let’s face it, I’ve done a lot over the past eight years, including in writing. I went from insurance clerk to media sales representative. From columnist and community co-ordinator to a copy writer. My love of my community propelled me forward so fast I had to put the brakes on for a while to get my head around what was happening. I have coordinated 12 plus pages publications and I even had a story syndicated between regional publications. A heavy vehicle magazine has purchased my words so they could be printed in their monthly publication and more recently a local, church run, child care facility sort authority to use my words on its website so what am I complaining about? Even though I have sold out for the commercial side of writing I must be doing something right occasionally, aren’t I?

On my pin board wall at work I hang the letters of thanks I receive from client’s and also a photo of a little boy whose family story I’ve told. His mother gave me his school photo after talking to them about how a local community group’s assistance has helped them manage work, life and a child with physical and mental disabilities. This beautiful family was celebrating, thanks to community assistance, the fact their son could now walk. He took his first steps, after many operations, at age 6. They thanked me with cuddles and a photo however I am forever in their debt for letting me into their lives for a brief moment.

These are the stories I like to tell and these are the people I want to later call my friends. The parents of the beautiful boy who watches over my work every day met when they were young at a school for children with special needs. They both work hard and are as honest as the day is long. They can and do everything for their child and I regret having to leave their home where we sat down together and talked. Although modest it was filled with love that met you at the door and welcomed you inside. These are real people who don’t get online and complain about how bad a day they had or how hard it is to make ends meet. These people appreciate what they have and seem to see good in everything and everyone. They don’t judge anyone and take every person as they come. I felt humbled and inferior in their presence.  I told their story in the hope of letting others know that help was out there and they were not alone but personally they helped in letting me know that there are good people out there, not just the ones that make the news for the bad things they do.  My words were placed in the back part of the paper while the wrong doers and bad news took over the front ones.

In summary of justifying my trade, warm and fuzzy doesn’t sell as well as tragedy and despair. What pays however is the advertiser whose money also pays my wages. I will just keep looking forward to my next opportunity to speak to real people, with real stories, and try to keep my faith that I can tell those stories properly when called upon to.


2 thoughts on “Keeping the faith…sorry for the outburst.

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  1. Ah well, it is said the best artists suffer for their art. Ok, so you’ve been doing that for a bit tooooo long now. Hopefully, very soon the powers that be will finally recognise the value of the priceless gem in their possession. They will seat you on the pedastal that is rightfully yours. The doors of your restrictive confines will swing open wide, releasing all your magnificent brilliance to blind the bastards. he he lol x

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