Simple Tips for Marketing Self-Published Books

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Marketing for Illustrators, Authors, Photographers, Publishers, And Literary Editors

With so many tips and advises available in the market on how to effectively market self-published books, the information becomes overwhelming.

How can self-publishers who rely on these tips and advises manage these information?

If you are  overwhelmed with information, the easiest cure is to streamline all important information. Make sure that your refer to people who are expert in the field of self-publishing.  It is more efficient to converge tips and advises from those who have been successful in this category.

Metadata is the new way to book discovery and it is essential for self-publishers to know more about is this.

How can metadata be helpful in marketing self-published books?

The easiest way to use metadata in marketing self-published books is to pair it with keywords. Researching the right keywords that your target market are looking for can increase the effectiveness of using metadata in marketing books.

Finding out the…

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