What is the world coming to?

What is the world coming to?

Arr, why is it I hear that being said in my head in my mother’s voice and why am I saying it?

We are products of our environment and what we have grown up, our life training ground you could say, and darn it’s hard trying to break the mould we came out of.  When you consider how much time people now spend with councillors discussing the damage their parents unwittingly did to them it really puts a lot of pressure on you to do the right thing by your children.

What is the right thing and what is the wrong thing? Do you protect them from all life’s bad things so they really get messed up when you aren’t around with your protective riot shield later or do you let them go headlong into certain disaster so they can learn from the experience? What is the line between being protective and uncaring?

Once more, when as a parent you go headlong into your own disasters is this teaching your kids by example?  Okay, bells are ringing in my head and I’m now thinking that it is how you handle the disaster clean up that matters but are the kids going to have any respect for you when they can clearly see mum makes her own mistakes too, mum is human?

Accepting my mum is human is really hard for me but I can’t avoid it now as more and more my sisters and I have to take on the parenting role with her and dad. Yeap, the years are taking a toll on them and now the world, and our roles, are turning around and its is scary. What is the world coming to when the person you relied on to show you the way now needs your help to look after them? I question myself constantly if I’m doing the right thing by my own children and now we have to find the right thing for the people who brought us into the world. What is happening to the world?

Maybe the bells are ringing because I have to make sure my kids know how to make the right decisions for me in years to come. Maybe it’s just good to hear my mother’s voice, even if only in my head, when things were a little bit clearer to her.


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