Well I’m here.

Well, welcome me to the wonderful world of blogging. I wrote a weekly column for a local newspaper for three years and went into hiatus for a while, due to a number a reasons that could possibly be revealed later, but I feel it’s time to start talking to myself again and seeing if anyone is listening.

As a single mum of two teenage and one 21 year old boy I’m use to talking to myself so it’s no big thing if you have already moved on to the next blog. It’s okay really, my shoulders are as big as my backside and I can take it.

Anyway, writing is my way of getting my thoughts out there when usually I have to choose my time, and the people, I reveal my inner thoughts. Sometimes babble, well maybe a lot, but most times I use it to get things straight in my head and as I regularly see others with bigger issues than I have I tend to keep my mouth shut and listen to them and try to help as much as possible. Don’t think for a moment I’m a saint, darn no, long way from it as my babblings will reveal. Like all of us I think I’m looking for reassurance I’m doing the right thing for my kids, others and myself and if you don’t have a partner to do this with, you need to get it from somewhere. I’m crazy enough to verbalise in the written word.

So, I’ll dish up some food for thought soon and if you are still with me – thank you. I’ll catch you later.


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