An open letter to my guardian angel.

I’m lead to believe you observe my every move and guide my path through life with good intentions but I have to confess I find this a scary thought and just a little voyeuristic.


The message on the machine

I heard the phone ring I couldn't make it to the phone in time so the machine got it for me Your play back voice surprised me then, as you hadn’t called on this day in years You had been cranky with me for some reason which surfaced only once a year I didn't understand … Continue reading The message on the machine

I’m the toughest topic I’ve had to face.

Other than not being able to cover Australia’s high cost of living; unemployment is seriously affecting my comfort food consumption. For the love of chocolate – offer me a job. Please. That is what I want to put in the many cover letters I’ve completed lately. As much as I would like to confess to … Continue reading I’m the toughest topic I’ve had to face.

Gallery: A brave new world – pictures from the past to remember into the future

The machine went thump, thump, thump and everything seemed to be moving including men in dirty coats with blacken faces who busied themselves around the noisy mechanical creature that was somehow involved in making the newspaper.

No apology will be offered for my absence

WordPress is more than happy to remind me it has been eight months since my last post. To it I say, I know already. To be honest, the last eight months have been so full they aren't worth revisiting and I certainly don't need reminding that I haven't had time to scratch myself never lone indulge in … Continue reading No apology will be offered for my absence